Membership Application and Notices

Membership Application
Please press this link (PDF file) and print out the application form. Attach a check in the appropriate amount and mail it to the recording secretary address listed. Alternatively you can bring the application and your membership dues to the next meeting.  If you have any questions you can contact one of the club officers listed on the left.

Membership Changes
IMAGE HERE Please advise Charles Kaplan or Rob Montebello of any changes in membership status. This includes important life changes such as marriage, deaths, births, etc. This is so they can advise the membership.

Membership Renewals
If you are an existing member and are due for renewal soon, the chapter will contact you to renew your membership. It is important that you keep your name and address on the club records up-to-date so that you can be contacted for renewal.

Address Changes
IMAGE HERE It is also important to keep the chapter up-to-date when you change your address. Please drop an email note to Charles Kaplan.

Website Changes
IIf you find a problem with, or have a suggestion for the website, please send them to Ross Poppel